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Vapor Blasting Services On All Makes Models.


At the heart of our metal finishing services is vapor blasting or vapor honing. Unlike dry media blasting, the media in the vapor blast process is carried in a slurry of water; cushioning the media and restoring the surface to as new condition, with NO damage to the object being refinished. In fact, the process is so gentle that vapor honing can be used to clean and restore internal engine parts such as pistons, cams, etc. Affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly. What's not to love!

Please inquire as to how Moto Brau Haus can help take your project to the next level!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Contact:

Shipping Address:  272 Dunns Mill Road, #128  Bordentown N.J.  08505


"A couple weeks ago I put out a request for vapor blasting services for cleaning engine cases on my latest restoration project--1960 Mondial 175 Sprint. Thanks to those who responded with suggestions. In the end I selected Cycle Icons to do the work. They were able to turn around the work in a couple days and the results were amazing. What a difference! With this process the outer surface of the castings is lightly polished and somewhat sealed. You may want to add this to your list of services for your next project. Its such a pleasure to work with parts this clean without messing up my manicure!"

Bill from Philadelphia